March 21, 2010

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How To Improve Your Golf Swing

March 21, 2010

Your Best Golf Swing Is Only 5 Steps Away

A lot of amateur golfers (and some professionals as well) attempt to emulate the best golf swings of the top golfers. This is an effective way to improve their golf swing, but the problem with this is that everybody is different, and everybody’s body is different. So there is no one best golf swing. Each golfer has their own individual best golf swing, it is just a matter of that golfer finding it for themselves.

Some golfers are tall but not so muscular. Others are short and more muscular. And still many more are somewhere in between. This means that a golf swing needs to be tailored to suit each golfers unique body type and movements. While watching other swings and trying to replicate them may help, it is important to also understand how the mechanics of a swing work on your body.

Have you ever seen a golfer who can hit their driver out of this world, but as soon as they get an iron in their hands, the struggles come? Sometimes it might be the iron that they are strong with, but they can’t hit their driver for peanuts. This is a result of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to golf. But the important thing to remember is that there are a lot of golf swing basics that apply regardless of who you are and the type of equipment that you use.

If you are trying to replicate someone else’s swing, you are complicating the matter, instead of just letting yourself swing naturally. You will be too busy thinking about keeping your arms up, or your back turned like the other golfer, instead of relaxing and naturally swinging.

There are really 5 basic steps that all golfers need to understand in order to get their best golf swing out of themselves:

1. Make sure you are aligned with the ball. This is fundamental to hitting the ball right in the center of it. This means that you should be a comfortable distance away to naturally swing at the ball squarely where it should be hit.

2. Keep your stance comfortable and natural. You should establish a strong center of gravity by sticking your backside out slightly, and thinking of your spine as an axis that your body will rotate around.

3. Keep your eyes on the ball. This is probably the most commonly used phrase in any sport, but for a good reason. If you want to hit the ball, you obviously should keep your eyes on the ball. Yet too many golfers lift their eyes away from the ball too soon just to see where the ball goes, only to find that it hasn’t gone very far. If you keep your eyes down and looking at the ball for a split second longer, you will be able to hit the ball better.

4. Think about a different approach with different clubs. When you are using your woods, you should be sweeping the ball, as that is what they are designed for. With irons you should be approaching it with a pinch, as this is when they are most effective.

5. Keep your rythm throughout the swing. Make sure your movements are smooth and within a rythm, as your best golf swing is natural and comes when you relax your body.

You should keep your swing as simple as possible, and over time you will be seeing the fruits of your best golf swing.


March 21, 2010